Second stool bank established in the USA

fecal microbiota transplant

fecal microbiota transplant


A second stool bank has been established in the USA. AdvancingBio is located on the West Coast in Sacramento, California and opened its doors in February.  Like OpenBiome on the East Coast, it is non-profit.

ePatients please note that stool banks will not sell fecal microbiota to patients directly and that in the US your doctor can only use FMT to treat C diff that does not respond to multiple courses of antibiotics.  Unfortunately that excludes many seriously ill patients who want to try FMT under medical guidance, for other conditions.

The sad reality of this prohibitionist approach is that the US is at best, forcing its citizens to fly to the UK, Argentina and Australia to undertake FMT and at worst, for those that can’t afford travel to overseas clinics, leaving them to the risks of backyard FMT without medical supervision.

This site and our Facebook FMT Support group, constantly urge DIY patients to test their donors, and most are finding a way to do this. Thankfully some doctors are taking a harm minimisation approach and agreeing to test donors, for which they must be applauded. But this doesn’t change the fact that home FMT should ideally not exist in a modern western country.

It is disappointing that the FDA continues to ignore the existence of home FMT.  I respectfully call on the FDA to allow very sick patients the opportunity to an informed consent to FMT, for any condition. I urge that patients be allowed to undertake FMT in consultation with their doctors, rather than losing their colon, their jobs, their financial security and their relationships – or having to resort to FMT at home.  In particular I urge that patients with C diff be permitted to try FMT  whenever they and their doctor believe is appropriate. Forcing C diff patients to go through months of unspeakable misery is cruel and unnecessary. Whatever the risks of FMT, they are comparable or less that the drugs being prescribed by doctors for these conditions. Please give patients a chance to choose their risk, in consultation with their doctor.


Tracy Mac



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