Fecal Transplant Studies Currently Recruiting

3 Game-Changing Studies About Fecal Transplants

There are many opportunities for participating in a study on fecal transplants. Being a study subject may help those who cannot receive FMT through traditional medical channels.  Being a part of the study will help us all as scientists seek to understand this new and exciting procedure and how it impacts the human microbiome.

Remember that you may be given a placebo in some of these studies.  Also, be sure to check the location as these are worldwide.  Also, read through the list of qualifications to be sure that you are a candidate for the study.

These were open and recruiting, as of January, 2017.  We merely provide a link. We have no additional information. Please contact the people listed on the study page for more information.

C. difficile



Motility Disorders & Obstruction

Antibiotic Resistance

Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes & Weight Management



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